We are specialists in the management of Grade A Commercial Real Estate and Super Prime Residences.

“We follow a very simple philosophy when it comes to our clients, our tenants and our buildings: They matter”.

“Enhancing the value of the asset and maximising the highest achievable rental income for owners, creating imaginative and stimulating environments with exceptional hotel style services for occupiers”.

TPM believe that visiting or occupying a building should be an enjoyable experience as well as being a commercially rewarding investment for its owners. Exceptional service, immaculate surroundings and an innovative environment all centred on a warm welcome and supported by an experienced professional team.  We want tenants, residents and guests to remember the experience and service associated with our client’s properties and for them to be synonymous with quality and excellence.

The real estate industry landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. With the emergence of Grade A Offices and Super Prime Residences, the discerning executive or resident is accustomed to attentive levels of service and quality in all aspects of their daily lives. With clients paying premium rates for real estate there is now a similar degree of expectation within property management perhaps more traditionally associated with the luxury hotel sector.  We aim to ensure that the service they receive while in your property is commensurate with or surpasses their other business addresses or residences elsewhere around the world.

We recognise that workplace requirements in recent years have seen a seismic shift and employers face increasing pressure to provide a more extensive array of staff benefits and an environment that attracts the best candidates and responds to the increased hours the staff fraternity spend at work. Employees today spend on average 30% more at the office than in previous generations and the environment and facilities on offer has superseded salary packages alone as the primary consideration for choosing a future employer. TPM understand the new profile and scale of today’s tenant is very different to tenant profiles previously and have responded by creating a service that meets these new demands.

TPM are pioneers in providing professional and innovative property management services while embracing and promoting customer service and quality and creating a strong building identity and brand. We believe in preserving and enhancing the value of your assets and maximising the properties income opportunities. A strategic long-term approach for your properties is integral to achieving full fiscal potential and attaining superior capital values.  Asset replacement and fabric condition surveys aimed at planning with precision any replacement or repair costs strategically over many years. For owner-investors, ensuring the asset consistently generates the income appropriate to its status.