Our Approach

We tailor our approach to suit your needs


We listen to our clients’ objectives and formulate a clear strategy to help them meet their goals:

We start from the bottom-up focusing on providing responsive customer service from the very start;

We deal with all outstanding repair and maintenance items and then follow-up with a short-list of options and recommendations to further improve the assets over time;

We work closely with our clients to maximise income and meet their targets.


We look at the bigger picture and think about what we can do to help our clients:

We get to know our properties in detail and meet with all tenants to listen to their needs.

We work with our tenants in mind and plan maintenance visits in advance to minimise reactive repairs and the inconvenience that this causes.


We recognise that you need the best people on your team to achieve the best results:

We meet with and assess each of our appointed trade contractors on a regular basis to ensure that they perform their duties as expected and that complacency does not set in;

We focus on getting it right first time and every time. We are considerate, polite and reliable when dealing with our tenants and clients’ properties.

We bridge the gap that all too often exists between asset and property management.

Why Do Our Clients Enjoy Working With Us?

Everything we do forms part of a larger strategic goal set by our clients and their asset managers. Our clients like that we understand this broader picture and are actively involved with it. Whilst we are typically given a specific remit, significant value lies in sharing information with our clients’ wider team and assisting where ever and however necessary.

TPM likes to be at the heart of the overall management process, regularly feeding the asset managers with information and advice about the physical assets whilst also downloading from them directional and strategic information that helps to focus resources and prioritise activities.